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  HorseWorks™ Management Software:

      Please Excuse The Delay. The New Windows 7 Version is Coming Soon !   Expected Release Date January 1, 2013.

    Current Version 3.06.10: (Works only on Vista 32 Bit or earlier)

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Trial Demo of Equivision HorseWorks™ 3.06.10

The # 1 Top-Selling Horse Management Software in the World!

We encourage you to test other horse management programs first, and then try Equivision HorseWorks™. There is simply no comparison when you test or use any other horse management software.

With HorseWorks Lite™ and HorseWorks Pro™, you can rest assured you are using the most productive and most economical horse management software application in the market. A robust relational database engine enables powerful information processing that includes sorting by date, category and more. A point and click user interface allows quick and simple task execution.

HorseWorks Lite™
for the
Private Horse Owner or Farm
Contains over 400 options
and over 150 screens !

Order Now:HorseWorks Lite™
HorseWorks Pro ™
for the
Horse Business Owner
over 400 options plus
invoicing capability & more.

Order Now:HorseWorks Pro™

  • Built-in Pedigree Program 
  • General Ledger/Expenses 
  • Address Book
  • Show Pre-Entry Forms
  • Farrier Tracking
  • Veterinary Tracking
  • Award Tracking
  • Production and Breeding
  • Stallion Reports
  • Stallion Success Rates
  • Video-Clip Display
  • Photo Display
  • Password Protection
  • Sample Farm Database
  • On-line Users Guide
  • On-line Help Menu
  • Micro-Chip Implant Reader
  • What If Breeding Module
  •   (for hypothetical mating)
  • Registration
  • Unlimited Genealogy Horses
  • Unlimited Horse Entry
  • Breeding Activity Report
  • Default Settings Selector
  • Financial Data
  • Vaccination Tracking
  • Up Grade-able to PRO
  • Back Up Option, Plus More !
HorseWorks Pro™ contains the full accounting package plus all the 400 + Management options in HorseWorks Lite™.

HorseWorks Pro™ includes a Billing Module for Boarding Services, Billing Module for Training Services, Billing Module for General Charges, Income and Expense Report, Accounts Receivables Module, Aging Report, Recurring Automatic Billing, Interest Charge Option, Billing Archive Option, Database Repair Function, Multiple Horse Business Database Capability (You can track and manage an unlimited number of horse businesses and farms), plus more!

Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium 1 Processor, 256MB RAM, Color VGA/Monitor, CD-ROM Drive, Keyboard, Mouse. Compatable with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista (32 bit version only).